Financial Administration

Accounting Unit

Abdurrahman bin Tarkheem Almaliki

Accounting Unit - Head

This section and the preparation of accounting entries and adjustments in the books and accounts and the work of the various matches, including the following:

A) The daily General and shall have the following:

1 - under the orders of exchange, which has been prepared checks or payment orders in order of priority delivery.

 2 - under the orders of exchange that has been spent from the fund credited as the sequence of the Fund.

3 - under accounting adjustments after the adoption of the Controller.

4 - numbering exchange commands and adjustments according to priority serial numbers recorded.

5 - the city and collect the amounts payable to all fields and make sure the daily balance.

6 - Conformity with the daily expense of the Fund and with different accounts and computer-entered data.

7 - Prepare monthly trial balance.

B) the accounts of banks and SAMA and the Ministry of Finance and shall have the following:

1 - follow the movement of the accounts of banks and the University Foundation and the Ministry of Finance, either by dragging or deposit.

2 - make sure to match the bank account balances and the University Foundation and the Ministry of Finance.

3 - Preparation of necessary adjustments to settle the accounts of banks and the University Foundation and the Ministry of Finance.

4 - preparation of letters of conformity after making sure of that and get the certificate balances of the accounts of the university.

5 - the extraction of data necessary to prepare the final accounts of the University.

C) Adjustments (Covenant - Safety Deposit Box - revenue) and other accounts: And shall have the following:

1 - Prepare the adjustment of the Covenant and the secretariats and revenues and any other adjustments related to currency Pferoqat Ottsahih accounting errors.

2 - Follow-up payment of the Covenant and prepare the necessary reports for defaulters and keep the files from the Covenant.

3 - Testament records matching funds with assets phenomenon computerized.

4 - Preparing letters to supply the amounts and the payment of the Covenant.

5 - Prepare orders for exchange after confirmation of the secretariats and to prove the eligibility of the owner to receive.

6 - re-insurance to their owners when defeat the purpose of survival under the orders of exchange.

7 - Preparing monthly statements of income received and orders issued to the Ministry of Finance.

8 - Preparing orders excluding exchange revenue Alasavad by a decision of the revenue.

9 - the preparation of statements of income and included in the final account of the University.

10 - matching the revenue account with the Ministry of Finance.

11 - A model revealed 20 per month and the monthly balance.

12 - preparation of a letter from the Ministry of Finance and the General Auditing Bureau and submit a form 20 per month

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