The Department of Financial Affairs is one of KAU’s most important departments. It deals with budget planning and controls budget disbursement and usage. It is also responsible for issuing the annual statement of accounts.
The Department of Financial Affairs is responsible for implementing financial operations in accordance with all relevant rules and regulations. It oversees disbursement of salaries and entitlements to all employees of the University as well as to contractors.
Facilitate and activate financial and administrative services, through the implementation of innovative electronic systems and to recruit qualified management personnel who can maximize the effectiveness of all expenditures.
1.To improve the efficiency of financial and administrative services through implementation of e-governance.
2.To develop self-financing and optimize use of financial expenditures to achieve the maximum benefit of expenditures.
3.To continuously improve our human resources through training and management development.
4.To implement effective management of University documents through e-governance to reduce paperwork.
5.To improve healthcare service.
To be a model within the University for the practical implementation and management of electronic transactions.